Friday, November 9, 2012

Long days.......

As I reflect on the last few months of my life, I am thinking of how long the days have become.  Is it really longer or is the fact that I have so much going on?  I am so thankful for all the wonderful and exciting things that are beginning with the My Epilepsy Story.  I am also having to take the time to reflect on my personal life as well.....

When we are younger we dream of our future and what it will look like,  I have come to realize that the things we thought would happen don't always happen.  When the reality of LIFE hits, it hits HARD......I am learning to become more and more comfortable in my own skin and story.  My story has not been easy but I have learned a lot along the way.  It is the pulling and tugging that makes me better each and every day. Don't get me wrong, I HATE this part but I love being able to be on the other side of the pulling and tugging.  I love looking back and seeing how far I have come through this process.  I am truly blessed to have people in my life that love me and encourage me along the way.  I am learning about "unconditional love" from people that love me.  I am learning about myself and that sometimes you need to step back to see the BIG picture.

I am blessed to see my beautiful children grow and learn each and everyday.  I am blessed to have these "Long Days" and as I sit here this evening and think on the things over the past year.....I am blessed to see that DREAMS CAN COME TRUE!  Thank you for all your support and encouragement to me as I continue on these long days......I am truly blessed!


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